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Buy Local


In recent decades, massive national chain stores, or "big boxes", have had a tremendous impact on local economies.  Major national retailers have sprung up on every corner, while the local, independent businesses that built our communities are disappearing in alarming numbers.


Just for your informtation, on average small independent businesses make up a huge part of our Nation's Gross Domestice Product, to the tune of several Trillion Dollars.


Think about the last time you attended a little league game, school function or your church social or dinner. Often it is the local businesses that make these events possible by being sponsors or donating an item as a giveaway. Business owners serve as coaches, volunteers, civic leaders and financial supporters to the local community. More importantly, they are family, friends and neighbors, with the same values that we have and they have a vested interest in seeing our communities grow.


These same independent businesses are a vital part of the economy in our country.  These businesses create jobs that support local residents and the local tax base.  When you choose to do business with the "Big Box" stores, the profit dollars leave the community and go to the corporate entities.  Dealing with out of state suppliers we lose the vital tax base that is the cornerstone to communities being able to improve schools, parks, roads and other local services.


Small businesses CAN compete with the "big boxes" and at the same time give you competitive pricing, personalized service and attention to detail that you won't find from a chain store.


Thank you for shopping with an Independent Retailer!